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Short film

Very close

Directors: Oz Animation


After two years in a long-distance relationship, Elishka moves to Israel to be with Lee to support him while his father is dying. At the airport, she is banned from entering the country and deported. The story unfolds through the couple’s online chats and through family conversations, using objects that were witnesses to the story. A bittersweet docu-animation.


Feature film

Fritzi – A revolutionary Tale

Directors: Ralf Kukula & Matthias Bruhn

Our part in production: Key animation


East Germany, 1989.
Twelve-year-old Fritzi lovingly takes care of her best friend Sophie’s little dog Sputnik, while Sophie’s family is on summer vacation in Hungary. When Sophie doesn’t come back, Fritzi and Sputnik set out in search of her. That adventures leads her into the Monday´s demonstrations of Leipzig and towards the heavily-guarded boarder.

Producers: Balance FilmTrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbHDoghouse FilmsArtémis ProductionsMAUR film

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