Anifilm festival opener 

Client: Anifilm

Original music by Nitzan Rom

This opener was part of a giant project we did for Anifilm, creating all the festival visuals.

We got to design everything, from the catalog, to  socks and enamel pins.

Watch it all here!

TEDx Vienna - UNTOLD 2021 opener

Client: TEDx Vienna

The theme for the 2021 convention was UNTOLD. This is what we came up with.



What is intimacy?

A sex education explainer

Client: AMAZE

A robot goes on a journey to planet earth, to learn everything there is to know about intimacy. A three minute explainer. 



Denim manufacturing development

Client: Cresent Bahümán

An explainer made for a inhouse presentation for fashion companies. 


Word Flicks clay logo

Client: WordFlicks

An animated logo done in plasticine, to be played before a stop motion film. 


Financial control systems explainer

Client: Yarimi financial control systems

Yarimi helps companies to prevent fraud and embezzlement scenarios in the payment system.



tERRORbane PC Game Trailer - Stopmotion part

Client: tERRORbane, Bitnine studio

tERROR bane lets you play against the developer in this bug filled game. We mashed up some of the main characters as part of their release date trailer.


Omega indexer

Client: Omega indexer

Omega indexer helps you push your website up on Google searches.



EDGE for insurance companies

Client: EDGE

Insurance is a boring topic. EDGE gave us the chance to make insurance great again!


Does pulling out prevent pregnancy?

sex education explainer

Client: AMAZE

Tom and Jenny are home alone, they are about to have sex but have no contraceptives. A three minute explainer, that is somewhat controversial. 



A clay bird flying off a branch

Client: D.C raw productions

A very short and realistic animation we created for a scene in a short film. 



Knafayin health awareness week campaign

Client: Knafayim

This video was done as part of a campaign called "A minute of your time" - 8 animators met with 8 artists who have a mental illness. The animators created short sequences based on the artists stories and experiences.


RMITV bumper

Client: RMITV

A TV bumper for RMITV - RMIT University's television, made by students for student in Melbourne, Australia


Cold Ones trailer

Client: Cold Ones

Cold Ones is a YouTube channel hosted by two crazy people that drink a bit too much.

It is watched by million of viewers worldwide. 



PROTESY - prosthetics that grow with your child

 Client: Maayan Kinsbursky

An industrial design student project by Maayan Kinsbursky, presented at the Bazalel Academy of arts and design final exhibition in 2018 in Jerusalem.


I've never felt this way before

Client: Noa Zaidman

Presented at the final exhibition at Bezalel academy of arts and design in 2020. Original music by Nitzan Rom.