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Lawyer dude 1/12

Client: Lawyer Dude

This commercial is the first out of many more to come, for the amazing Lawyer Dude!

If you are ever in Florida and find yourself in a hustle, don't hesitate to call Wagner the lawyer dude! Tell them Oz Animation sent you :)

Anifilm festival opener 

Client: Anifilm

Original music by Nitzan Rom

This opener was part of a giant project we did for Anifilm, creating all the festival visuals.

We got to design everything, from the catalog, to  socks and enamel pins.

Watch it all here!

TEDx Vienna - UNTOLD 2021 opener

Client: TEDx Vienna

The theme for the 2021 convention was UNTOLD. This is what we came up with.



What is intimacy?

A sex education explainer

Client: AMAZE

A robot goes on a journey to planet earth, to learn everything there is to know about intimacy. A three minute explainer. 



Denim manufacturing development

Client: Cresent Bahümán

An explainer made for a inhouse presentation for fashion companies.